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Architecture is a diverse and complex subject that dwells on pertinent questions of design, habitat, humanity, sustainability, aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology systems, engineering and cultural issues. We take pride in having Faculty at Aayojan School of Architecture having expansive experience in both teaching and practice of these varied subjects. Getting and retaining the right teachers is the most important means of nurturing future Architects of quality and good practical sensitivity. As such, we have a good blend of faculty comprising of Architects, Artists & Craftsmen, Technologists, Experts from industries like HVAC, Electrical Systems, Plumbing, Communications, Horticulture, Sociologists, Psychologists, Photographers etc, who visit us from time to time.

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Post Graduate faculty

Pushpak Pandit

Course Co-ordinator - PG - UD
An Architect & Urban Designer, practicing in the field for the past 25 years. He completed his masters from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. He has been running his private practice in Jaipur and has been associated with MNIT as a professor, from 1992- 96. His leadership qualities and his years of experience in the field make for a perfect combination of resources and vision needed to drive the course.

Vijay Kulkarni

Professor - PG - UD
An Architect & Urban Designer, he graduated in 1986 and completed his masters in 1988 from School of planning and architecture, New Delhi. He has been running his private practice for the last 22 years after working with M/ S Kanvinde Rai and Chowdhary in New Delhi. He has been a visiting faculty at Sushant School of Architecture, New Delhi in the past. His mentoring brings to the studio, the discipline to understand, evaluate, and rigorously speculate contemporary urban concern in India.

A. K. Gupta


Shruti Hemani

Professor- PG-UD
An architect and urban designer from University of Nottingham, Shruti has been awarded PhD (design) at IIT Guwahati where she had been investigating on “Influence of Urban Forms on Social Sustainability”. She has published and presented research papers in leading international journals/conferences and is a recipient of several awards: Best Thesis (2002), Developing Solutions Scholarship (2003), INREB Sustainable Urban Communities (RIBA, 2003), Safe Habitat (ACCCRN, 2010) and Outstanding Paper Award (STE, 2013). A motivated and committed professional with a passion for delivering innovative people-centric designs and advanced urban research.

Sonia Maheshwari

Professor- PG-UD
An Architect – Urban Designer,with a distinct experience of over 15years in academics, projects and research. She pursued her masters from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Self - Motivated Professional, adapt at Multitasking with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables.Prefersto follow applied research methods for professional and academic deliverables. Her research is published in National Journals and presented in National and International Conferences; regular in attending interdisciplinary interactive sessions and ardent reader to nurture self -learning approach

Rashmi Jain

An M A and M Phil in sociology, an Associate professor, Department of Sociology and director, UGC Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, University of Rajasthan has her interest in the area of Development Communication, Gender studies, Sociology of Law, leisure studies and Urban Studies. She is also Dy. Coordinator in UGC SAP DRS II on the theme “Society and culture of Rajasthan under the impact of Globalization”. She is Convener of research committee on Sociology of Law of Indian Sociological Society.

Hemanshu Taneja

Assistant Professor - PG - UD
An Architect and a landscape designer, he graduated in 2008 and completed his masters in 2011 from CEPT university, Ahmedabad. He has been practicing in Jaipur for the last 5 years. As a landscape architect, he motivates the students to indulge in defining landscape character of open spaces in coordination with built environment. His major stresses are in developing methodology and processes involved in developing sensibility to design along with nature.

Himani Kanojia

Assistant Professor-PG-UD

B.M. Agrawal


S.C. Mahagaonkar


Dr. Anita Jain

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