Faculty at Aayojan School of Architecture and Design

Architecture is a diverse and complex subject that dwells on pertinent questions of design, habitat, humanity, sustainability, aesthetics, state – of – the-art technology systems, engineering and cultural issues. We at Aayojan School of Architecture and Design, take pride in having Faculty with expansive experience in both teaching and practice of these varied subjects. Learning from the right teachers is the most important means of being future Architects of quality and good practical sensitivity.

Our Core Faculty comes from varied professional backgrounds and specializations, many with extensive teaching experience in reputed institutes. They believe in not only nurturing creative minds in a free and enthusiastic environment, but also in creating professionals that can go on to compete effectively in a fast – paced and demanding industry. We also have practicing Architects, Artists & Craftsmen, Technologists, Experts from industries like HVAC, Electrical Systems, Plumbing, Communications, Sociologists, Psychologists, Photographers etc, who visit us from time to time and enrich the teaching – learning process by giving it different perspectives.

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Anand Ukidve

Principal In-Charge, Head of the Institute

Pushkar Kanvinde

Honorary Director

Nikita Oak

HOD Urban Design

Ar. Rajiv Raje

Professor, Design Chair

Hemant Sathye

Associate Professor

Manjusha Ukidve


Dinesh Hipparkar

Associate Professor

Nimesh Porwal

Associate Professor

Rakesh M. Shekatkar

Associate Professor

Sanjay A Tasgaonkar

Associate Professor

Rajashree Deshpande

Associate Professor

Sonal Nirmal

Associate Professor

Manish Shah

Assistant Professor

Fatema Kabir

Assistant Professor

Supriya Joshi

Assistant Professor
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Visiting & Guest resources

Ar. Ramchandra Gohad
Ar. Shirish Kembhavi
Ar. Arthur Cutinho
Ar. Hemant Khire
Ar. Sanjeev Kulkarni
Ar. Unmesh Vaidya
Ar. Rishikesh Adhikari