Facilities At Aayojan

Documentation room at Aayojan School of ArchitectureDespite being an independently dedicated architectural college, Aayojan School of Architecture is proud of its many well maintained facilities that are provided to students, teachers and guest researchers. Aayojan regularly invests in the development and upgradation of these facilities, thus ensuring that the institute meets the constantly changing market and technology needs of the profession, as well the growing education needs of its students.



The school is situated on a four acres campus in RIICO Institutional block of Sitapura, Jaipur, approx, 23 Kms from the ‘Walled City’ of Jaipur. The main building is designed on the traditional concept of an octagonal shaped, centrally located courtyard, which abuts the office. Partially sunk into the ground the building houses an amphitheatre to the rear of the courtyard.


This block contains well furnished, lighted and ventilated studios, lecture rooms, A.V. halls, Computer labs, library, workshops for carpentry, smithy and civil, structure & surveying labs, material museum and arts studio.



A well-equipped library in split-level is provided as the focal point of the Academic Block with easy access from all parts. It presently contains more than 5000 titles on books, journals and magazines, related to subjects of Architecture, and grow every year. Separate section has been provided for new arrivals, collection slides and videos of national / international documentary. The library contains a separate section for the documentation of student’s work, which is enriched every year by the contribution of students and faculties.


Five lecture halls having seating capacity of 60 students, each are equipped with comfortable seats, audio-visual facilities like OHP, LCD Projector, Slide Projector etc.



The computer lab at Aayojan is equipped with the very latest by way of machines and software, as well as knowledgeable faculty experienced in relevant software such as AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, etc. Facilities exist to impart training on other software also.

Learning and expressing architecture through digital means is welcomed and encouraged. Faculty strives to provide training in a structured methodology from first year ascending to the third year till when they become proficient to express their design in a true E-format and present their schemes in 3D when necessary.



Well-equipped workshops for carpentry, civil & smithy on campus impart practical knowledge and give opportunity to know the trades in detail.



Material museum is equipped with the updated samples of countless building materials acquaint the students with the different types of construction materials and technologies actually used in building sites.

Other facilities like art studio, photographic studios etc. are also provided with necessary equipments to help the students.



The hostel blocks for girls and boys are separately located on the campus with a common mess. There are two categories of Rooms

1. Single Seated Rooms (Girls Hostel)

2. Double Seated Rooms (Boys and Girls Hostel)

3. Four Seated Rooms (Girls Hostel)

Each room is well equipped with chair, table, cots and built-in wardrobes. Rooms are clean, sufficient and the well-managed hostel ensures outstation students have a secure place of stay while they learn Architecture. The School also assists students with accommodation outside the hostel on a case to case basis. For more information and to request a visit to the Hostel, please contact Administration.