Faculty at Aayojan

Architecture is a diverse and complex subject that dwells on pertinent questions of design, habitat, humanity, sustainability, aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology systems, engineering and cultural issues. We take pride in having Faculty at Aayojan School of Architecture having expansive experience in both teaching and practice of these varied subjects. Getting and retaining the right teachers is the most important means of nurturing future Architects of quality and good practical sensitivity. As such, we have a good blend of faculty comprising of Architects, Artists & Craftsmen, Technologists, Experts from industries like HVAC, Electrical Systems, Plumbing, Communications, Horticulture, Sociologists, Psychologists, Photographers etc, who visit us from time to time.

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Core Faculty

Kiran S. Mahajani

Principal & Director Architect, entrepreneur & academician for over 25 yrs.. Strong administrative credentials and active participant in national and international bodies like COA, RTU, etc Pioneered architectural education in Rajasthan and is now spreading his academic wings on a national level.

N. S. Rathore

Dean-Academics Architect, Urban Planner & teacher for over 22 years. A dedicated teacher, who doesn’t give up, has a very organized and methodical approach to anything that he does..

Sanjeev Vidyarthi

Distinguished Visiting Professor
Trained as an architect, urban designer and spatial planner, Sanjeev Vidyarthi studies plan-making activity across the physical scales ranging from interior spaces to metropolitan regions. He is particularly interested in the conception and dissemination of design ideas and how a diverse range of peoples and professionals (space designers, project architects, landscape visualizers, physical planners and more) working in different places employ and adapt these abstract notions to particular settings and specific needs.

A. K. Gupta

Professor(Design Chair)
Architect, Town Planner & teacher for over 46 years.. A passionate teacher and a strict disciplinarian, apart from loads of experience, he brings a sense of order into the chaotic minds of students, while guiding them on to the right path.

Vijay Kulkarni

An Architect & Urban Designer, he graduated in 1986 and completed his masters in 1988 from School of planning and architecture, New Delhi. He has been running his private practice for the last 22 years after working with M/ S Kanvinde Rai and Chowdhary in New Delhi. He has been a visiting faculty at Sushant School of Architecture, New Delhi in the past. His mentoring brings to the studio, the discipline to understand, evaluate, and rigorously speculate contemporary urban concern in India.

Archana Singh Rathore

Associate Dean - Foundation Level Architect, Urban planner & teacher for over 16 years..Documentation Incharge Meticulous, dedicated and unrelenting in her approach to all tasks that come her way, has a keen eye to spot talent at an early stage and nurture it.

Gopal Goyal

Associate Professor
Architect & teacher for over 16 years. Calm, balanced and able to talk to youngsters at their level of understanding

Sangeeta Singh

Artist and teacher for over 15 years and Ph.D holder in Visual Arts. A freelance artist, jewelry & computer graphic designer, she is running a guild of & for art, design & photography.

Pooja Agrawal

Associate Professor
An architect and an Urban Designer, she also works freelance, particularly on Research Projects. Graduated in the year 2001 from SCET, Surat and having finished her masters in 2015, she has worked in Surat, Ahmedabad & Jaipur, mainly on conservation and research projects. She has also coordinated and managed events like heritage walks, conferences and workshops, her main area of interest being urban transformation.

Rekha Goyal

Associate Professor
CAD trainer for over 19 years Helps students master the skills required in Computer Aided Drafting & presentation.

Kapil Sharma

Associate Professor
Artist & teacher for over 8 years Helps improve the skills of students in Arts and bridge the gap between Art & Architecture

Sanjeev Pareek

Assistant Professor
Architect & teacher for over 13 years An alumnus of MNIT, Jaipur, he has experienced working overseas during a stint in Dubai.
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Visiting & Guest Faculty

David Rudlin

Parul Zaveri

Akshay Sharma

Harsh Mittal

S.K Das


Neeraj Gupta

Shashank Mahagaonkar

Alok Ranjan

Shashikant Singhi

J. S. Patel


Neelkanth Chhayya

Udai Gadkari

Mikky Desai

H. D. Chhaya

Rajeev Shringi


Meenu aaaaaaaaa Varshney

Henri T.de. Hahn

Anurag Roy

Wolfgang Schuller

Joyce Plath


Tarush Chandra

Mohan Taori

Priyaleen Singh

Jannett Heartwood

Abhay Purohit


Naresh Chandra Nakara

Pushkar Kanvinde

Jamini Mehta

Chandan Suravarapu

Ranjit Singh Chauhan


A. R. Ramanathan

Anil Kumar

Gaurav Agrawal

Hemant Sathye

U. S. Nandiwal


Hans Bowner

A.G. K. Menon

V. P. Raori

R. P. Deshmukh

Vijay Sohoni


Ridhima Sogani

Rahul Khandelwal

Mudit Asthana

Prachi Asthana

Ayush bhardwaj


Dr. Meena Saboo