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Admissions for the Session 2021-22 in M.Arch. (Urban Design)

Admissions for the Session 2021-22 in M.Arch. (Urban Design...
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Admission in B.Arch. for year 2021-2022

Admission in B.Arch. for year 2021-2022...
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Admission process started through REAP-2021 for B.Arch. from...
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B.Arch. Eligibility Criteria for the Academic Session 2021-2022

MHRD, Govt. of India based on the recommendations of Council...
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Installation of Solar PV Plant

Installation of Solar PV Plant is done on roof top of Aayoja...
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URBAN DESIGN WORKSHOP - A Vision for Jaipur 12-13 Feb 2016

Aayojan School of architecture, Jaipur conducted a visioning workshop for the first and second year Urban Design postgraduates. The aim of the workshop was to enable the students to think ‘big’ and formulate vision for a given site and to understand the process of realizing the vision through urban design and to generate enthusiasm among the students about the process of urban design and strengthen the studio environment.

This workshop ‘A Vision for Jaipur’ is an exploration of what our city - Jaipur can become in 2030. It intends to initiate a dialogue about ‘what can be the future of our cities and how this can be achieved through design and policy formulation?’.

Unfortunately, small and large scale urban projects in our cities have often lacked a larger ‘vision’ umbrella leading to piece-meal developments. No synergy between these various efforts and the lack of convergence in thinking and in action has reduced their cumulative impact. As India prepares itself to become an urban majority by 2050 and gives shape to its 100 futuristic smart cities, a vision to tie the various emerging images for the city reflecting the aspirations, ideas, ambitions, and dreams of its people therefore becomes essential.

This workshop can be seen as first steps towards starting our conversations and debates,assimilating our thoughts and ideas, and bringing together our actions towards improving our lives - our cities, through a new vision   ourselves. It can also be seen as a means to understand and experience the process of ‘vision to reality’ through urban design.