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Admissions for the Session 2021-22 in M.Arch. (Urban Design)

Admissions for the Session 2021-22 in M.Arch. (Urban Design...
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Admission in B.Arch. for year 2021-2022

Admission in B.Arch. for year 2021-2022...
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Admission process started through REAP-2021 for B.Arch. from...
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B.Arch. Eligibility Criteria for the Academic Session 2021-2022

MHRD, Govt. of India based on the recommendations of Council...
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Installation of Solar PV Plant

Installation of Solar PV Plant is done on roof top of Aayoja...
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"Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has ever known." - Oscar Wilde

Ms. PayalLulla, alumini of our college, an architect by profession and artist by passion recently presented a solo exhibition of her mesmerizing paintings at Jawahar kala kendra.

Payal quotes, "I love architecture. For me, it’s simply art on a much larger, more technical scale. A smart art, I like to call it. Colours make my imagination dance and paintings help me to express. Colours are symbolic, communicate emotions and mood. It turns canvas of my life to a colourful painting."

She manifests her imagination into paintings where the subjects are coloured in the way she perceives life. The theme of her paintings revolve around dreams and aspirations, contrasting features in one’s life, different colours of friendship and many more.

Her work is truly admirable and inspires us to opt for a free-flowing, liberating method of expression that doesn’t allow for any labels or confinement.

A great work of art inspires people to wax poetic about anything. One look at a magnificently-painted canvas and it transcends people to places in their mind that they wouldn’t otherwise go to, makes them feel things that they never knew they could feel. Such is the effect of a few well-placed brush strokes and good choices of colour.