SEDRAA (Society for Education Development and Research in Architecture & Art) is a body established by members, who are highly devoted and committed for the cause of promoting higher education in the field of Architecture, Art and Design. This was done with the vision of providing quality education in the field of Academics related to design at National level.

SEDRAA is successfully managing Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur since 1999. Aayojan Jaipur has made a name for itself in this comparatively brief period. Approximately 800 students have graduated from here and are currently doing their bit towards building a vibrant and progressive country. Some have made their way abroad for higher studies and some have returned to these portals to don the mantle of teaching. Currently Aayojan Jaipur has a strength of 700 students, the future designers who will leave their stamp on the country's skyline.