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Interior design course in architecture curriculum deals with art and science of designing interior spaces which are functional, aesthetical and healthier by understanding the occupant’s needs and aspirations.


Landscape design subject syllabus in Architecture deals with designing of outdoor spaces to complement and supplement built spaces in harmony with the existing environment at site and immediate surrounding level.


Settlement planning course is the study of the sustainable environment of a city, town, or region with regards to their forms and patterns of development. The subject further allows for understanding the role of various physical, socio-cultural, economic factors in shaping of a settlement.


Dissertation & Thesis Seminar course offers an opportunity to undertake independent in-depth enquiry into spatial planning and design issues emanating from the student’s undergraduate Architectural Design thesis project. The subject aims at developing scientific temperament while honing the research conduct and writing skills.


The Thesis project marks culmination of the undergraduate degree program in Architecture curriculum. 

The course offers an opportunity to the students to demonstrate their ability to develop an original independent design project. Furthermore, it allows them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course of their five year program into an architectural design project having the desired scale and complexities, as a prerequisite for awarding of the Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.


Architecture design subject deals with the graphical representation of buildings, form and space, in scaled two dimensional drawings and three dimensional analog as well as digital models. The course is distributed over seven thematic design studios offering opportunity to the students to apply knowledge and skills acquired so far to the increasing level of complexities and scale as one progresses from lower to higher semester.