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Welcome to Aayojan Pune, a school OF ARCHITECTS, BY ARCHITECTS, FOR ARCHITECTURE, Architecture Colleges in Pune, Aayojan School of Architecture and Design

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Aayojan School of Architecture & Design(ASAD) was established in Pune, in September 2012. It is approved by Council of Architecture (CoA) and Govt of Maharashtra, and is affiliated to University of Pune.

The institute embarked on its journey on 05 September 2012, Teachers’ Day, also the auspicious birthday of Dr. S Radhakrishnan, former President of India and doyen of education.

The Istitute is setup at  the foothills of Purandar, site of many a memorable incident that form part of our history. Steeply contoured, the campus is set in picturesque setting Ideal for an institute imparting Design education. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of a major city, but near enough to be reached without undue bother. The campus is spread on three and half acre land and enjoys tranquility, an environment most conducing for a creative mind to flourish.

A team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated faculty has been put together. The first batch of students is reaping the benefits of the established Aayojan methodology, now with a touch of Pune added to it. They will be the trendsetters, who will go on to do good work in a new geographical setting.