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Intellectual growth of a discipline depends deeply on how often and well; is its on-going condition questioned. Also for the furtherance of the disciplines’ knowledge; how often are projects undertaken that provide a new path of development in Theory and or Practice. This study is called as research. Research is the only way that the intellectual growth and an on-going contextual approach of a discipline can be maintained. Architecture is parched for path breaking research that takes it leaps ahead into the future. 

Pioneering researchers and authors namely; Tafuri, Jencks, Schultz, Le Corb, Hillier, Casey and many more; lit Architecture’s path for a long time. Most of them still hold the light. No doubt there are new researchers namely; Pallasmaa, Hays etc; who add to the discipline, but a lot more rigour is needed today to bring back a phase of enlightenment in Architecture. 

Architectural Education realm in India today is actively conducting conference, and syllabus patterns to promote the idea of research. ASAD’s philosophy of research based study is reflected from first year itself. For examples settlement study projects are not mere measured drawing and documentation, instead they lead into an analysis based output that can formulate a research publication. Design studios are inter-disciplinary, process driven and concept rich; hence confirming the background research of the student as well as the faculty. Pune University also provides a small niche for research to flourish under the subjects of CAS and RIA. ASAD utilizes this provided opportunity intensively. In the past few years students have not only learnt and conducted research but also published and presented the same in National level Student Conferences.  


Research Cell at ASAD is developing with enthusiasm and overviewing the growth of research within and outside ASAD.


Subjects Where Research is Developed 
Sr. No Year Subjects as per syllabus Other areas
First Year Settlement Study 
Art form based Design Studios 
Second Year Settlement Study
Issue based Design Studios
Third Year Contemporary Architecture  Seminar 
Fourth Year Research in Architecture I & II Elective – Architectural Theory, Architectural Journalism