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Interpretation of Syllabus

The Syllabus prescribed by the SPPU (Savitribai Phule Pune University) to which the School is affiliated covers a number of aspects related to the field of Architecture. While Design and Construction Technology form the core of Architectural education, they are complemented by various theory and Studio courses throughout the five years. Courses prescribed under the syllabus could be loosely grouped under five heads viz. Design, Technology, Skills, Humanities and Research. In addition to these, electives are offered to add value to the main course curriculum and bring in different approaches from parallel fields. 

At Aayojan, we go beyond this prescribed outline both in letter and in spirit. Each Studio and theory class strives to interpret the syllabus in a manner that is both relevant to the current scenario in the field and also challenging to the current set of learners. A number of parallel subjects like Art, Sociology, Anthropology, etc. are also introduced through lectures, presentations and workshops. 

The syllabus thus becomes a broad framework within which Aayojan encourages exploration and experimentation in teaching and learning Architecture. 

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