School of Architecture and Design

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Vision Statement


To create a learning Environment driven by Research and Development, that provides equal opportunity to all the stakeholders and establishes a platform to train professionals who are sensitive, technically sound and who will contribute to the development of the Profession, Society and the Nation at large.



  • To make Aayojan one of the best places for Architecture and Design Education in India
  • To become a leader in providing academic and industry collaboration nationally and internationally
  • To create a platform for students, academicians and professionals to experiment and innovate through applied research for a sustainable future.
  • To establish a State-of-the-Art Research facility.
  • To become a prime centre for Design Thinking and Innovation.



  • We Believe that education is the best investment a nation can make for its bright and sustainable future.
  • We Believe that all who get admitted to the course have the ability to become good professionals who can lead the society.
  • We Believe that progress can be made if all the stakeholders of the Institute work together with clarity and transparency and non-hindering Hierarchy. 
  • We Believe that Every student is unique and has unique potential which needs to be identified and nurtured. 
  • We Believe that good education is beyond syllabus and classroom and trains the student not only as a proficient, skilled person but helps develop his entire personality.
  • We Believe that students should be supported throughout their entire academic journey by qualified staff and faculty, as well as by institutional efforts.