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Skill Development

Effective communication is of prime importance in architecture because It is said… “A picture is worth a 1000 words”.  A variety of skills are needed by an architect, thus a need for a separate vertical for skill development. These skills are spread across all subjects in all other verticals as well. 

While varied forms of graphical skills form the basis of architectural education; this is spread across the formative and intermediate years. Skills at the formative year begin by improving observation and visualisation skills, developing graphical and model making skills.  The intermediate years take care of graphical conventions as per industry standards and also expressing oneself through verbal and written communication. In the higher classes students are guided in developing critical thinking and research skills. This helps in the overall development and prove useful in their professional life. 

At ASAD, we help imbibe these skills not just through the subjects prescribed by the syllabus but also conduct additional workshops with experts. e.g.- Live sketching, advanced model-making, photography, documentation, debates, poetry and book clubs to name a few. 

A well-equipped model making workshop is what we are aiming at in the coming years 

Subjects where skill development
Sr. No Year Subjects as per syllabus Other areas
First Year Architectural Graphics and Drawing I & II Audit Courses- Crafts, Performing Arts, Creative Writing
Workshop I & II
Second Year Architectural Drawing and graphics III
Working Drawing I
Technical Communication I
Third Year Working Drawing II Contemporary Architecture Seminar
Fourth Year Research in Architecture I & II Elective – Architectural photography, Graphic Design, Art in Architecture, Architectural Journalism