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Prof. Kiran S Mahajani

I write this message with an immense sense of pleasure and fulfillment, as it is gratifying to know that ASAD at Pune is known for its academic rigor and has established standards, which are duly acknowledged and appreciated by our peers.

Aayojan School of Architecture & Design at Pune came about in 2012 with commitment towards existing and original objectives, albeit, with more clarity and renewed vigor for qualitatively enhanced teaching-learning processes. Prior to that Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur was established in the year 1999, with the primary objective of creating a vehicle that may provide freedom, liberty, opportunity and intellectual stimuli to all stakeholders for attempting their architectural and design pursuits. We have now laid down a Vision Statement – 2025 – under which, we intend to raise the bar to achieve – all & more at ASAD, Pune, in a short duration of 12 years what Aayojan, Jaipur achieved in its life span of 25 years.

As stated above is a tall order and we realize that – but, it is also a fact that all our students and faculty are committed to this cause. Continued publication of our school magazine, being involved in an international research project – RESIDE, the conduct of International Students Workshop in association with ARCASIA,  Research, publication and involvement in projects for social causes are to be further strengthened to provide adequate exposure, to our students & faculty for capacity building purposes. Students, alumni and faculty have been bringing in laurels in their individual capacities, this aspect too is continually also encouraged as part of Aayojan philosophy.

I commend our students, alumni and faculty members at ASAD, Pune, who under the able guidance and support of friends, well-wishers, faculty members in the past and mentors, have done justice to the cause of architectural education in the state of Maharashtra. I wish the very best to all involved and assure continued support for all the just causes.

Prof. Kiran S. Mahajani

Director, Aayojan School of Architecture & Design, Pune.
Director & Principal, Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur.
Principal Architect, Aayojan Architects, Jaipur & Pune.

Prof. Nikita Oak

Our cities, towns and villages are seeing unprecedented growth. Add to that, the current pandemic, which has shown that we need to look at our cities from a new perspective. Change is inevitable, and necessary. How it impacts the quality of life, of existing communities remains a question. A better understanding of this phenomenon is necessary, if we are to have a sustainable, equitable, resilient and liveable environment for our future generations.

Our focus in the Urban Design program at Aayojan, is to help students understand the fundamentals and build upon their existing skills, knowledge and values through analytical and synthetic skills. Here, they get an opportunity, to critically look at urban theories and practices in the Indian context, through interdisciplinary and cooperative approaches, to make them into sensitive, responsible and confident citizens/professionals.

Prof. Nikita Oak

HOD M. Arch Urban Design

Prof. Pushkar Kanvinde

Learning architecture is a continuous process. The architect keeps learning till the time he continues to practice and extends the benefit of his knowledge to the benefit of the community. It is important that the institute imparting education in the field of architecture and allied fields, not only educate the students but also prepares him to be a perpetual learner. 

Modern day architect must keep interest in all walks of life and keep himself updated in Art, literature, science and technology. He/ she should be sensitive to the environment and to the changes the development is bringing in and be keen to provide sustainable solutiosn to environment related issues without sacrificing utility and convenience.

Aayojan school of architecture and design is little different from other schools. It is one of the few schools of architecture in India that is promoted and managed by a group of architects. It is a passion to share knowledge rather than a commercial venture. The parent body has successfully nurtured Aayojan school of Architecture at Jaipur over the past 23 years and established Aayojan School of Architecture and Design at Pune in 2012. 

The approach at Aayojan School of architecture, Pune is to encourage hands-on learning. Well qualified teachers and visiting professionals ensure that students learn both theoretical as well as practical aspects of architecture and come out as able professionals ready to get into mainstream practice very early in their career.

Prof. Pushkar Kanvinde

Honorary Director

Hemant Sathye

Architectural profession has experienced a lot of changes since when we started our career about 35 years ago. Coping up with the ever changing scenario is a huge task ahead of everyone involved, the management of an educational institute to the support staff, the teachers to the students, all need to work towards betterment of the profession. SEDRAA’s Aayojan schools of architecture and design have given a platform for all the stake holders. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take the profession forward in true sense. Being an institute of architects, by architects for architecture, we strive hard and work towards betterment of architectural education and better architecture in future, to serve people better and give them with better planned spaces. We are an institute which has a great mix of well experienced academicians and practicing professionals who work together towards the cause of education.

Till about twenty years ago, architects were eager to start their own practice after graduating. Individual practices, approach towards planning, designing & allied services, working styles differed individual to individual. Since the new millennium, the scenario is changing fast and you need to have various facets in your data collection, knowledge base, references, thought process, the approach towards our practice. An individual with very high intellectual level will also not be able to cope up with the change. It is now the need of the hour to imbibe the habit of working in/ with a team, may it mean some compromise on an individuals’ part. The students of architecture will need to inculcate ‘Team-work’ as part of their thinking process to be successful in future. There will be nothing impossible if we work in a team.

I am sure; the young brigade at Aayojan Schools of Architecture & Design will be successful in their life. I’d be happy to see all our students to succeed in life and wish you all the very best!


Hemant Sathye

Principal In – Charge