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Congratulations Amber and Shreya

Congratulations Amber and Shreya

Aayojan is proud to announce that a research paper by our students, Amber Shukla and Shreya Acharya, “Floating Solar Panels – A New Step Towards Sustainability” was recently published in THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TREND IN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT “
About the research – Floating solar photovoltaics (FPV) are becoming an increasingly competitive option; however, the technology is still nascent, and many potential adopters have questions about the underlying technology, its benefits, and how to analyze it appropriately. As floating solar array systems are engineered over water bodies rather than land, they are proposed to have the extra advantage of reducing evaporation rates. Energy demand during this era has accumulated that led India to travel for renewable energy sources; solar power with this respect will fulfill the energy demand.

This paper focuses on an overview of solar floating panels which can be a good solution to India as the land acquisition for solar farms is limited. The paper also aims at the solar floating panels design model of Kerala which is a new start to the India’s renewable energy.